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Default SSBBW Excited to make small rides struggle under her weight:))

I am big fun of SSBBW and the most exiting thing for me is when I can see these ladies with their huge and nicely shaped bodies making a lot of stuff around struggling to hold their weight
I love when you girls does not care about the weight limits for example of chairs, beds, motorbikes or even kiddie rides.
Once I have seen BBW girl trying to ride clock ride in walmart...ohhh gosh it was so amazing she just simply did not care that it is meant for children she just jumped on it making the whole thing bending a lot and creaking under her weight another girl probably her friend just put the coin into that machine and it began lol this clock was too weak to go with her 360 degs around so it was going 90 degs left and 90 degs right anyway she had a lot of fun taking a ride and decided to punish it because it is not carrying her weight properly lol She started to bounce a lot until the seat went completely down lol what is weird they made another short movie where few minutes later it was going proper way with child on board It seems these ride are really difficult to be damaged
Come on girls can any of you reveal her own story of forcing some smal ride or other small thing to manage her weight while she had a lot of fun making it struggle under her??
I am wondering if it is exciting up to some extend for you SSBBW girls to feel and make these thing bending crushing creaking and begging you get off pleaseee get of me

I would like to see for example 4 or 6 girls trying to seat on small 3 people swing or see few SSBBW girls getting into the elevator to see how cabin is sinking down under their weight and making loud sound overloaded.

I think I could even pay to see that ))
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