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Default LGBTQ+ Fat Support and Art Discord

I have made a Discord server where LGBTQ+ people are welcome to be themselves. It is an art server that also allows for roleplay and keeps stuff separated between sexual and non-sexual content. I will also guide members to locations that are the most LGBTQ+ friendly.

The server is meant to encourage positive feelings and because of that, it is not a space for venting or transition support. Instead, it is meant to be a place for positive vibes and getting each other as involved with our community as we can. There is also no strict hierarchy and rules that have to be feared and it is doubtful that anyone coming from this website would break the rules. Everything is supposed to feel carefree and productive.

Right now, it is mostly straight males joining the server so some diversity of any kind would be appreciated.

This link is to a vetting server - you tell us a bit about who you are and then you are allowed in with matching labels.
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