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Originally Posted by NYCGabriel View Post
It is abhorrent being a feeder. Such people show no regard for the health of their partners
Not every feeder wants their partner to be a million kilograms, and plenty of feeders care about their partners health. As long as said feeder respects, understands and supports their partners desires, wishes and needs (be those needs health related or not). I would consider my self a feeder partially but there in lies the problem; the terminology and what and how an individual/s define it. The terms "FEEDER" and "FEEDEE" are outdated stereotypes that probably only describe a person/s in a most vague and broad sense. Do I want my wife to get fatter? Yes but only if it's what she wants and only if it doesn't mean eating a poor diet and compromising her health; it was her that told me she wanted to get bigger and that she loves eating a lot of food, I never told her until she had told me (I never had any intention of telling her about my love of a woman growing and never would have if she had not told me first. and no i never gave the slightest hint to the point that she was really nerves about telling me because she was worried I might think it is strange/bad and leave her).
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