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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
I think there may be some serious truth to this!

Relating this to my wife.....when she is heavier she seems to initiate and enjoy our sex much more and way more frequently. She tends to have bigger orgasms and is less reserved about her figure...which is kind of ironic comparing it to when she is thinner or has lost a decent amount of weight...during which time she would rather go workout than have sex and when we do she is more reluctant to let loose in the bed.

I guess this all stems from her attitude and I assume other women as well when they are heavier they seem to allow themselves more food, more desert, more sex, more wine or beer....they just seem more carefree with enjoying themselves and it definitely carries over into sex based on my experience.
My gf has slowly been loosing weight over the past few months through diet and exercise and I definitely have noticed a change in the bedroom. Her strength and stamina are up so she's able to participate more in doggy and cowgirl but if its leg day or going to be then we have to slow it down. It's a compromise I'm willing to make considering her legs would give out in doggy when she was at her heaviest and spooning was the only position she would allow me to go at a faster tempo.

I guess the real improvement is the reintroduction of missionary to the regular line up. She knows that's my favorite since it's easiest for me to press her buttons but she still has trouble with flexibility. Hopefully with time she will loosen up more for longer fast tempo sessions.
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