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Sending love hope and hugs your way.
Here is part of one male's perspective. First of all I have eczema and when I was younger it very severe and definitely made me very self-conscious and the stress of that self-consciousness of course made it worse. So I have a small window of understanding of the emotions that are often tied up with some of these appearance issues. Learning to accept it and basically ignore it helped me to de-stress and the problem lessened even more became less important in the scope of the rest of my life.
Anyway, to the point, my ex had PCO and issues with hairiness, hormonal cycle irregularities and infertility that made her self-conscious. The point is, it NEVER MATTERED to me. It's was just one physical aspect and not truly the centre of who she was as a person. The fact is women are also mammals which means the do and will have hair. All women have hair on their face, legs, arms and throughout their body. For most women the hairs are often tiny, thin or very pale and are usually not noticeable but that is not the case for everyone.
Many men are oblivious ;-) and some just don't care one way or another (It's not that big a deal). It must be often frustrating for a woman to make a change (hair /make up /clothing /...) and find out the guy in question has no clue of it. They key is from my perspective is that many of those fine details go over our heads. If a person is happy to be with you then they will be happy to be with you. In fact just as grateful to be in a relationship as you are. Even though they won't often admit it, most men also have body and relationship insecurities as well as fear of rejection.
There can/will be someone out there that connects, cares and will love you and all your aspects in a non judgemental way.

Side note: At some point my ex was prescribed t Spironolactone. which helped stabilize her cycle and lessened her symptoms. About a year and half later got pregnant (unexpectedly an despite multiple precautions and the improbability of it). Anecdotally strangely after the birth of our daughter her PCO symptoms lessened.

I will freely admit I cannot obviously claim to speak for all or even majority of men (I'm to weird). But I'm confident that my opinions not unique to just me. Many men just won't care about it. Some men can see around the very thing that you may think is a barrier. Hopefully you can come to terms with it so you can open yourself up to possibilities and the opportunities when right one comes around. :-)

I apologize for the rambling bits sometimes my brain tangles and sometimes it hard to catch it all in text :-)
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