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Originally Posted by AmyJo1976 View Post
I totally agree, although I am quite content with gaining on my own at the moment, I think a mutual gaining relationship would be the most satisfying experience by far. Someone like-minded that you can share your thoughts and feelings with
I have always been a FA who liked my women heavier and to see them gain weight. Over the years my wife has gained a good amount of weight primarily with pregnancies and her huge love for deserts. A few years ago I began eating deserts along with my wife in which I definitely encouraged her to order more than one at dinners out and with sampling myself just to get her to eat more to get her to gain more weight. AFter a while I began buying us both our favorite Ben n jerry's pint's that also lead to cookies and so on. I never really had a sweet tooth before and unexpectedly (I know kinda dumb on my part) I didn't even think or realize until a few months later that I had gained a good 15-18 Lbs. My dress slacks could not fasten unless I rode them low below my new distended gut. I became aroused thinking of myself as having a really big belly and decided to gain as much as I could intentionally. I think this may have been because of the lack of weight gain on my wife for a few years (her being a good 35-40 Lbs. thinner than her highest weight and the weight gain FA inside of me was craving weight gain. I also became so excited by the thought of my wife noticing how big of a belly I was developing and even teasing me. She happens to be a pretty reserved person and discussion of weight gain on herself and now me I realized as well. I ended up gaining some 40+ Lbs. before she even mentioned anything....and it happened to be in a teasing way when she was slightly intoxicated. I can still remember the sun weekend getaway we were away from our kids and I had been stuffing for a week like crazy leading up to this to show off how Fat I had become on the beach or pool to try and get some serious reaction out of her. The night we got into our Hotel I was constantly eating in front of her and as we got to dinner we already had a glass of wine and I was already stuffed to the max but I still order a huge Steak in which I seemed to plow through it and finish it just fine like everything I ate during this time. She was eating a seriously fattening cream pasta meal along with a martini while I had another glass of wine with my steak. She was looking beautiful and extremely snug fitted in a dress she just bought a month or so ago before the trip....she even mentioned she didn't realize the dress was so tight when she bought it (Which it probably wasn't but that is her way of being in denial about the luscious 10-12 Lbs. she had put on in the past month). As we finished dinner she had her hand a the crease of my now massive bloated gut and was gently sliding and caressing underneath and then rolling her hand softly over my she "asked did you enjoy your meal, honey" it was almost like FA foreplay ....she seemed so proud of her fattened up husband and at this point as she kept caressing my huge bloated gut in the restaurant I could tell she was slightly intoxicated because I even felt a bit of a red flush over me and even had to take her hand softly off my gut and out it on my leg because she would have been drawing to much attention in the restaurant. It was almost like my massive gut was on display to everybody and she seemed very proud of it and it was kind of cute because she would never do this ...especially for that long if she hadn't been drinking. As the valet was bringing up our car I mentioned that the restaurant reminded me of one many years ago that we went to on vacation and she turned to face me and looked me in the eyes with her hands around my waist and said "Well, I am not sure about that but I certainly don't recall all this back then as she slid her one hand up and palmed my belly and softly shook it smiling seductively at me in my eyes the whole time". I felt flush, aroused, embarrassed but totally turned on....before I could say anything she then said "and I definitely don't remember these" as she place both hands on my muscular pecs.....or by this time which I hadn't even realized were now much softer moobs and she gently shook them rhythmically for what seemed like a good hour but we were suddenly split apart by our car pulled up in front of us by the valet. That night was pretty amazing back at the hotel. The next morning I woke up while my wife was in the she came out she said "I am going to pick up some breakfast .....should I get you some doughnuts"...I said "sure, why don't you pick up a dozen". My plan was to completely pig out in front of her and bloat myself even more for when we went out to the pool afterwards. I ended up eating 8 donuts mostly in front of her and even had her refill my plate two of the times. She had to be amazed at this but didn't say anything....nor did she say a thing with my huge Fat gut at he pool with her. She only showed this attention when she had been drinking.

I couldn't exactly figure out if she liked the new fatter husband of hers better or was she just teasing me being open while being slightly drunk.... but one thing was for sure she was fixing me double and triple the quantity at meals and they became more and more fattening. She was eating along with me and gaining some as well but I was clearly out performing her gaining at least 3 to 1 or better. I think it may have been several things. When we were younger and dating she loved the muscular buff cut up guy I was but many years into our marriage not only had she gained a good amount of weight .....but also she was the one that felt, she fattened me up. Also, I came to realize not only did she feel comfortable eating more fattening meals and deserts if she knew I was right there with her but I was now the fatter one of the two of us and it seemed to put her way more at ease from even thinking about she typically does when she puts back on 15-20 Lbs. She became more and more relaxed and started buying both of us our favorite fattening Ben n Jerrys, cookies and I was always the one buying them for her and her only in the past. She now had a sweet tooth buddy to snack on the couch with after dinner with all these fattening favorites of both of ours now. We became closer it seemed based on not only our eating habits but both of our vulnerabilities. She became more aggressive when it came to initiated love making in which she was always the one being courted and me being the initiator. She seemed to hold my hand more and it seemed like she always had her hand or hands on or near the crease of my waist or on my belly especially during love making.
So I don't think I turned her into an FA or into weight gain but I definitely think she enjoyed what she felt she accomplished "she thought she fed me Fat".....and she was appreciating her work or at least enjoying the changes. But part of me thinks she really enjoyed trying to make me fatter because she never said enough is enough......if I wouldn't have slowed down and changed my crazy binging who knows where she would have let my weight or Huge Gut get to......I mean people that hadn't seen me in the last six months or so would do double takes. I even had a friend tell me a year or so later How Fat I got and he was to embarrassed to tell me at the time. It all seemed to go to my gut so it was pretty obvious when my XL t shirts would ride up exposing my lower gut or none of my dress shirts fit (the buttons were straining not to pop) and I wet up several sizes in my slacks which I still would wear low with my big belly sticking way out.

My mind seemed to run crazy with fattening thoughts all the time and I definitely agree that there is something so intimate, sexy and all together "the ultimate" with a mutual gaining and relationship.
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