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Name: Ken
Age: Over 35 by the time you read this.
Location: Massachusetts
Profession: Researcher
Music: Any music I find catchy, and don't find the message objectionable.
Likes: Philosophy, theology, art, animation, writing, reading, poetry, quality media, games, fiction of any sort, any and all abstract concepts and ideas, but most importantly, honesty, order and truth.
Dislikes: Faulty philosophical positions, philosophical fallacies, pride.
About me: I've known I had this FA side of myself since I was a kid in elementary school and was pleasantly captivated by one of my teachers, who could almost fill the classroom door (though in reality, I've probably felt this way much longer.) My high school crush and a crush at one of my early jobs were both very big girls, but apart from them, and a few bespectacled ladies (who I think I liked because I envied the look of their glasses, which focus all the attention on the eyes,) my feelings of attraction were few and far between, and after some early negative experiences (bad reactions from girls who were repulsed by my feelings,) I decided not to inflict myself on anyone else until I knew what made for a successful relationship. That, in turn, lead me to religion, philosophy, and in the end, inner peace.

I'm not an activist, or a feminist in any sense, or a liberal. I'm about as far from all of those things as a person can get. I just happen to be the sort of person who has felt pleasant appreciation of human beauty always and only when a very large girl/woman was nearby. It's the same kind of feeling as when you see a Niagara or a Grand Canyon; the wonder of the beauty that you see makes you feel relieved, and that's what it's like with me. I feel I can relax and talk comfortably with bigger people.

Over time, the pressure of the status quo has, sadly, increased my dislike of the thin appearance. I say it's sad, because I know there's nothing wrong with being thin. There's beauty there, and I know this, because some people can appreciate it, but to me, the whole experience of life has been difficult because of the prevalence and aggressiveness of this image that I don't appreciate. It's only made it harder for me to find moments of peace. In any case, I doubt I'll ever find love, because among other things, she'd have to sympathize with me in these areas, and I know very few women who feel as I do about this.
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