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The agony of delete.
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Originally Posted by Leem View Post
I have this happen all the time. One time I successfully patched the area by taking another pair of jeans and sewed them as a patch over the area. I will say though that I only wore them at home after that. I patched them because I loved how they felt when I wore them. So not really successful in keeping them as work pants. Nothing else I have ever done has worked.
I've done that with jeans when I worked outside a lot, but like you I never wore them out and about after that. Someone needs to come up with some reinforced thigh pants... (And while they're at it, add on some decent pockets :P )
I've blown out belt loops too, using them to pull my jeans over my hips. Those are a little easier to fix, thank goodness.

Originally Posted by AmyJo1976 View Post
You could try support hose or shorts. Jockey makes slip shorts that are pretty comfortable. They don't completely prevent it, but they do slow it down. They're not terribly expensive either, about $25. Hope this helps
Oh, I never thought of that. I do have a pair of spanx-type shorts, and a whole bunch of hose tucked away in my closet somewhere. Maybe I'll try one of those on my next easy day and see how it feels. Can't hurt...
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