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Then I would have to change my past, memories, and romantic involvement with relationships past. So? I would have to be reprogrammed....maybe in a science fiction way (that swartzenegger film Total Recall, director Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange ...or any other fictional film ( anybody?)

Part 2
So why feel the need to be at DIMs? - I guess it fills a gap?(shrug).. An intellect/understanding outlet? I don't even 'know' if I-am-a-hardcore,card-carrying-DIMs-approved-"fat"-admirer...I know me, I know my patterns...but its the 'attraction' phase of a relationship , that I return to.. It is not like I feel guilt over it. Like 'society' is breathing down my neck or pressuring me about it..Society don't care (for 99% of time,) and what-do-I-care-if-they-care?. You get your own relationship and I get mine. If a person is into red haired people ; do 'we' really care? Its 'one' aspect in the multi-aspect world of being-a-couple. Am I going to feed a woman to enlarge her/change her? Why? I would chase after an even bligger person if-that-was-my-thing. Cut-out-the-middle-phase. In my mind, individualistically; its nonsense. That's me. I am not trying to convert anyone. I am not coupling--up or feeling-attraction to be rebellious, either. Changing the quality ( and sometimes flawed) women I-have-been-with is not my thing.. cause majority of them 'have been hot'. But that is for me to know, and someone else to 'miss out on'. Just cause a person is BBW, does not mean everything else works. I chose the power and take-the-power but it does not mean I have to convert to BHM status either. OR not allow BHM a place in society or disrespect BBW/BHM/non-BBW/non-BHM that are attracted to them.

Part 3
So, here comes the complexity ( if anyone is still reading or cares.
Couples tend to adopt the habits or lifestyle of their partner. and its often a daily negotiation (IMO). So, who in a LTR ( long term relationship ( dating slang) changes who? Do they meet in the middle....or??????? ( other contrast FA relationships may vary). Its not like you wake up and 'say, oh crap. I got fat and its all her/his fault.'
I didn't see this coming ( even though I changed to their habits) IMO, it is an intellectual cop-out).
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