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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
Erm, I don't think that you can know what will and won't be enough in anyone else's relationship. Maybe it wouldn't be with you or your partner(s), but people vary tremendously.
They will obviously decide. Sexual chemistry needs to exist in some form to distinguish your relationship from a friendship.Though painful, when your in love with someone you are not sexual attracted to - at least for anyone who wants to include sexuality ( He has told us, he has), how can it be healthy?
How ignoring your lack of sexual attraction for a partner can destroy a relationship: You will make yourself prone to sexual infidelity. You will hurt your partner by constant rejecting her (unless,of course, she becomes not attracted to you, either). You will miss the opportunity to bond in a way in which you do not bond with anyone else. It becomes a compatibility time bomb.
That is 'playing the odds' versus the exceptions.
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