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Originally Posted by biggirlluvher View Post
I'm lying down in bed and stuffed from suppertime. When I lay on my side, I can feel the weight of my belly and even the space it takes up as it rests on the bed. I'm not the biggest guy but I've been eating a lot this winter and past holiday season. I'm almost 6lbs heavier since winter and close to 250lbs, which I haven't weighed since last summer. As I felt my belly's weight, it got me thinking of the ssbbw/bhm of the group and how that's what you must experience.on a larger scale.. (pardon the pun). What makes you feel the weight of your own belly?
I have experienced the same thing. After a particularly big meal with bread, appetizer, large main course, dessert and of course plenty of wine, my swollen belly feels so nice. I call it being "pleasurably stuffed", just on the verge of discomfort but oh so pleasurable. Lying on the bed on my side with my belly spilling out on the mattress, gently caressing its huge form and playing with the soft fat on my underbelly is the greatest.
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