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Originally Posted by missourifat View Post
I am eating more, because of the cold weather and getting less exercise.
I haven't weighed myself though, but I can feel my pants getting tighter.
Ditto. I was tired of being cold. This year has little snowfall, so less snow shoveling. I hate impaired performance so its got to go. My ol' friend says 'Its harder to lose as you get older', but he has never been into physical exertion and loves latching on the excuse train . Does that make me an immoral-hypocritical-FA? (attracted to it in others but not myself) Possible, I am not in enrolled in the church-of-fatness. It is not my deity. Its not going to save me. I don't delude myself into magical thinking that I observe so many people-of-faith do. I can admire Sumo wrestlers. They are athletes first and BHM secondly. Function over fashion. Hope, I am not an 'apostate'. Does not mean I have to shame others, either. Peace.
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