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Originally Posted by dwesterny View Post
Kimchi is one that people complain about a lot. I like kimchi personally (Trader Joe's is carrying it again). I actually have a poor sense of smell which may be why I like strong flavors and judge food slightly more on texture.
I liked enough to do-it-myself. Tired of paying others. Reason I bought a food processor - for grinding garlic and ginger root on a large scale. Soaking the cabbage leaves in salt water is fun. Fermentation takes the longest time. Korean-American markets did have rock bottom cabbage prices and the bought bulk from California. Their chilli pepper spice was imported and too expensive. I would de-seed the pepper packets that come with pizza. Worked out - OK. Next time it will be even better. Don't fool yourself 90% of North Americans won't go for it - So housemates attitudes have to be considered.
I started seeking out polish, Ukrainian, and Russian vegetable dishes as a result also.
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