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Default What to you think about furniture breaking?

We have a discussion with Warrior (here about how one feels when a large person breaks a piece of furniture. For the sake of the conversation, kindly keep out of the conversation issues about the safety of the person and the danger of being hurt when the chair or the bed breaks.

My argument is that should I date a lady large enough to break a chair, a bed or to outgrow my car's seat (if I had one) I would think it is hot - very hot. For instance, one of my fantasies (again I know in real life it can be quite different - health and safety, costs etc are involved) is to date a lady large enough that after few weeks/months together to go furniture shopping to buy a new bed - having ruined the previous one due to her bulk.

Again - my current financial situation wouldn't allow me to go furniture shopping should my fantasies become true so this discussion is on a theoretical level.

Warrior et al, let's hear your arguments.
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