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Originally Posted by ratherlarge View Post
I have found a recipe!!!


375g good quality milk chocolate
A bag of caramel chews
30 shortbread biscuits
Long tin
Baking paper

Line your tin with the baking paper with one large piece of paper at the bottom and two small pieces at either end.

Melt chocolate and pour it in the tin about 1cm thick. Spoon the chocolate to level it out in the tin to push it out to all the corners.

Pop the tin in the fridge to set.

After the chocolate in the tin has set, melt the caramel in the microwave for 90 seconds and spoon it on top of the chocolate layer.

Add one layer of shortbread biscuits on top of the caramel.

Pop it back in the fridge to let that caramel set.

Once itís set, add another layer of melted caramel on top of the biscuits. And then, add another layer of biscuits on top of the caramel.

When your next layer of biscuits is in place, pour in the melted chocolate.

Set it in the fridge for about 2 hours or so.

Once itís out of the fridge, peel off the baking paper and pour in another layer of chocolate all over because thereís nothing like too much chocolate.

Video below for help

Interesting. maybe i should try this one
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