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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
I doubt that Loopy, being English, would even have any real awareness of the war of 1812 -- I'd guess it got lost in that bit of bother that some corsican was creating on the continent.

So Loopy, should you ever get caught in such a conversation, well you know the drill: smile and nod!

(and the tl;dr version of the war history: the war ran from 1812-1814, the Americans got the british to finally treat them more like a proper nation, but didn't get the remaining british colonies in North America (which eventually became Canada) to join the US (obstensibly the reason for starting the war). There was heroics and stupidity, brilliance and incompetence on both sides. Some regions really didn't care about the war at all. And as in most north american history, the first natives came off the worst -- they allied with the british, lost their strongest leader in battle, and afterwards had no hope of stopping the USA from expanding further westwards, while the british showed no long term gratitude for their support.)

Do note that many (most?) American schools teach little to no history or geography of anything other than the US. So you may get asked some odd questions or be told some questionable 'facts' about the UK. But I think you are already practicing the response to that -- *smile* *nod* is a key skill for travel anywhere, really
Officially, at least, the United States declared war mostly because the British were stealing our sailors to man their ships. Well, and because Britain was trying to tell us who we could trade with, while running arms to the Indian tribes in hopes we'd get killed off or driven back to the Empire.

You know, little things like that.
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