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so just checking in in case anyone is curious about my weight journey. well im happy to say that i am now over 300! Around summer of last year, decided to stop gaining and started going to the gym and yet again I didnt lose anything, instead gained a bunch of weight (and I know people say that its muscle mass, but i dont think it was because it was too soft and my pants stopped fitting). So I decided just to go the other way and plunge into gaining, big time!

I also went back to smoking for the rest of last year, but I am happy to say that when i quit New Years Day 2017, I have smoked NO cigarettes in 2017. Needless to say that kind of put my gain into hyperdrive since I would basically eat when I wanted to smoke, which was often.

Im starting to feel the gain, I get too hot very fast and I'm a lot slower now. I did try to go on a tredmill, which made me really feel all the weight, and how its just everywhere on me now. I imagine my gain will start to slow, but I think im setting my sights on 450 now... but right now im just going to enjoy this quart of ice cream lol
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