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Default re: belly hang

Yeah.... One of my ex g/f's was a large-framed, busty German gal who weighed about 285 when we first met.

Her older sister was taller and bigger around than her (and photos I saw of their mother indicated their large size ran in the family).

She was always real competitive with her sister about various things, but she surprised me one day when out of the blue, she complained that her sister had gained more weight and was now well over 300lbs. She said she "wanted to get bigger than her sister". My response was, "Cool.... why not go for it?"

At the time, she had a big pot belly but it really didn't hang. Over the next year, I noticed she was putting on a lot more weight. At first, it was mainly in her thighs, hips and butt. But eventually, her belly started hanging. She pointed it out, excitedly, because she was on a mission to get enough of a hang so she could go around the house without wearing panties and keep her private parts fully hidden.

She had to get to about 340lbs. (at 5'3") to get to her goal. But she never really had the split upper/lower belly; just one large one.

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I love large, lower hanging bellies. The bigger the better. I was on the bus a few days ago and a short bbw/ssbbw got on and sat down near me. I didn't think she was that big at first until I saw her lower belly hanging, peeking below her coat. If I stared for too long she would have caught me looking at her belly. I had to admire it by taking casual glances. I believe the lower belly is the tell-tale sign of ssbbw. The bigger or lower it hangs is how I measure or classify the woman and get an idea of how much she might weigh if I'm not told outright.
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