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Default Truth right here ....

I will say that as I've gotten older and been in more relationships, I've trended towards liking a lot bigger women than what I used to say was my "cut off point" for size. But I definitely draw the line at "Too big too get around." Immobility is its own kink/fetish or goal for some folks, and that's absolutely their prerogative. But personally? I'm more into the general concept of, "As big and heavy as possible while still being able to move all of that weight around pretty well."

It's relatively rare, but I absolutely love the big gals who go for the "she hulk" thing .... lots of muscle underneath a layer of fat on a big bone structure.

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Not everyone on this forum is of the "never too much" mindset. In fact, very few seem to be. Even I have my limits, though they tend to rest somewhere in the "unable to move, and therefore constantly unhappy" range.

Also, let's not kid ourselves. The culture does far more "measuring" of women than anyone on this board does. Plus, I'm willing to bet that most women also have preferences of their own, both physical and otherwise. The fact that others do the same thing is something I've learned to deal with.
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