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Default Random thoughts on this topic ...

I think I only recall one time when a woman I was dating broke a chair, and that was one of those molded plastic one piece chairs that are pretty junky to begin with. We were at some bar, on the patio, and they had those chairs placed all around umbrella tables to sit at. My g/f sat down and I think leaned back, tipping the chair onto its rear two legs, immediately causing them to snap off.

My friends and I helped her up but she kind of shrugged it off, and found a different chair to sit in. In that situation, I think nobody thought that much about it, beyond "Well yeah... she's a big woman and these plastic chairs suck. Serves this place right not to provide real furniture!") Since it only broke when she leaned back in it, I don't think she was that embarrassed either. She just realized she shouldn't have done that with it.

What I did enjoy seeing though was some years back, at my old house. I had a big screen plasma TV that I wanted to mount on the wall. It was a fairly heavy set (not like these LCD screens they mostly sell now). So I shopped around for a sturdy wall mount that would be adequate for it. I ended up with one I ordered online that had the arm that allows pulling he set out from the wall and swiveling or tilting it. It was made of pretty heavy steel and had 4 really big lag bolts you had to use a socket wrench to screw into wall studs.

My wife (who is 5'9" and weighed between 260-270) saw the box it came in, with a claim it could support televisions up to 225lbs. She happened to be taking an online fitness class for college credits where the instructor gave them various exercises to practice at home and log your time spent doing them each week. Her eyes kind of lit up and she said, "Do you want to see if that thing can support a little more weight than it says on the box? I'm supposed to do these flexed arm hangs for class and there's nothing else in the house I can hang off of." (I was able to hang from it with no problem, at my 195lbs. or so. It didn't even budge. So I told her to give it a try! If it breaks, we could always return it anyway.)

So she grabbed onto it and lifted her legs off the ground. It made a loud creak and the arm sagged a few inches but the bolts were still firmly bolted into the plate on the wall. She had me time her while she hung from it for 30 seconds or so. After she let go (causing it to groan again), she said, "It complained a little, but it held me! That's cool! Can we leave the TV where it is for another 2 weeks so I can finish these for class?"

Needless to say, I was fine with that! (And she built up enough strength to hang from it for a full 60 seconds by the end of the 2 weeks.)
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