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Default Love this kind of thing too....

The problem is, you have to have a BBW or SSBBW who is truly comfortable with her size to play around like this. I've had the good fortune of dating a couple of women who were, but my wife isn't such a willing participant with all of that anymore. (She's ok with being "big" to a point, but is definitely too self-conscious to goof around in public, seeing what can or can't support her weight.)

One of my ex-g/f's tried to ride one of those toy horses in a park that's on a big spring sunk into the ground, and was amused by how she could make it bend all the way over under her weight, diving its nose or tail into the ground. She also got a kick out of sitting on this giant scale in a science museum we visited one time. It was part of a big exhibit on the human body, nutrition, health, etc. The scale looked like a gigantic version of a grocery store scale for produce, with a big dial and needle hanging from the ceiling and a giant "basket" big enough to sit in. I forget now what it weighed up to, but I think the dial was labeled up to 300lbs. She was heavy enough to make it go all the way around the dial and bottom out, reading somewhere a little past the 0 at it's limit. She actually sat there for a minute, yelling at me to come take a look -- not caring in the least that other people were around, looking at her as they walked past.

The other ex g/f who wasn't at all shy about her weight was into weightlifting for many years and had a large frame anyway. After she had a kid, she kept slowly packing on more weight but carried it pretty proportionately. She had been used to the idea that gaining weight was a GOOD thing when lifting weights, since more muscle mass meant more weight. So when she got up to around 300-310lbs., her only question was if I thought she looked good at her current size. After I said yes, she was happy to weigh herself in front of me any time just to check where she was at. I remember being awed the first time we were at my place, and she jogged across the room to grab the phone when it rang. Her leg muscles were really huge and she had no problem running or jumping, as though she weighed half what she really did. My living room floor actually heaved with each step as she strided towards the phone. I mean, I've felt a floor vibrate when a big person walks around but she really had it flexing!
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