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I know for me posting pictures with skin has been easy after the first one. I found this site, and just went with it. I have never really been complimented on my looks or size in person, so reading them online was an amazing feeling. I am much more confident online. I am very shy in person. It actually became like a drug for me. I got such a rush out of posting pictures, and reading the comments and messages. Sadly most of the messages were from women to faraway from me, but it did lead to meeting someone. She was more of a lurker, and sadly I found out why. She was basically dating at least two other guys from here maybe even more. I know she ended up marrying one. But she did encourage me to post pictures. Having someone that wants to take pictures of you sounds great to me. I always wanted someone to do that, and even pose with me for pictures. Now I only post pictures when the mood strikes me. Plus now at my age I need more than what I got out of posting pictures. I know this isn't a dating site, but honestly any single guy posting pics on here is open to finding someone. If they say their not I don't believe that. All I can say is start slow, and get comfortable with taking pics showing skin. Do what makes you feel good. Even if the pics are only for private use just have fun with it.
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