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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
It's funny because most everything I comment about on these boards has to do with my wife. In fact my entire weight gain fetish always comes back to my wife and our relationship. My wife gaining weight, her eating more and more and where she will gain next and I love it and the changes to her beautiful gaining figure etc. etc.
I love that my wife has gained (her naked belly gets me hard on its own), we're not in a gaining relationship. As much as I'd love us to be.

Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
I hope this isn't t.m.i - I am a very giving lover to her, in fact I always give her oral (I might add...exceptionally well), usually to orgasm based on her not wanting me to stop. When it comes to vaginal orgasm, which she certainly can have she takes a very very long time but with clitoral like most women it happens much faster. I happen to really desire her to have multiple orgasms in which she told me she can't because she typically has such a huge one when she has her first. This is where it relates back to the original post. I happened to order a tiny vibrator (very inexpensive) to implement a while back, she would have never ok'd this if we went to pick one out together (some women just don't think sex toy's are appropriate or somehow it makes them feel kind of like a slut). One night after I gave her oral to a massive orgasm we both relaxed for a while while I kissed all over her body and sexy soft skin we began to make love for a good 20+ minutes, she was moaning like crazy but never orgasm'd again but I did. I then pulled out the tiny vibrator and showed her and she just looked at me and I turned it on the slower speed and rubbed it gently on her clitoris, in the first 20 seconds she was moaning like crazy and after a few minutes she was almost pulling the sheets off our bed with her hands tightly gripped on them....and within a few more minutes she was slightly screaming and orgasming for second time. After she finished she was breathing heavy and smiling at me. We relaxed for a bit and I turned it back on and put it on her clitoris again, she said No in a very half ass manner and she quickly orgasm'd again even louder than the last time.

Now she has always told me that she can't rally orgasm more than once in a night or close together but she certainly did earlier in our marriage a few times.....but vaginally just didm;t work the same and if it did it would take around an hour with still a lot of manipulation on her clit while we were making love. So the introduction of such toy's can be a game changer and really doesn't take any of the masculinity out of the equation especially when you are getting your wife off sexually.
Giving oral is my favourite sexual act, and while it takes her a while to build up I'm always very happy to stay down there. We do use toys and her rabbit reaches far deeper than I can, however she says that it doesnt feel as 'real' as when she orgasms with me. Youv'e made me think that a vibrating cock ring might be a wise investment.
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