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Originally Posted by ScouseFA View Post
I love that my wife has gained (her naked belly gets me hard on its own), we're not in a gaining relationship. As much as I'd love us to be.

Giving oral is my favourite sexual act, and while it takes her a while to build up I'm always very happy to stay down there. We do use toys and her rabbit reaches far deeper than I can, however she says that it doesnt feel as 'real' as when she orgasms with me. Youv'e made me think that a vibrating cock ring might be a wise investment. have more toy's going on than I (which isn't many, but just love the thought of draining my wife sexually).

I am 6' 2" and 230 isn Lbs. and my wife is 5' 3" 175-180 Lbs currently I estimate.....because I don't dare ask her weight in hopes she continues to gain and not diet. I also don't bring up her weight gain even though she knows I love it. In the past I asked her to gain for me and after she did I kept discussing it and always bringing it up or asking for more. Her being the strong independent woman she is had me stop discussing so I basically relish when her appetite gets very strong and she can't control it and simply keeps gaining. After she gained 10-15 Lbs. she would start trying to control her appetite and diet down to lose what she gained but as of the last few years she doesn't have as much will power along with having a desk job and no time to really workout. She has gained probably 30 Lbs. in the last year and her eating is some of the most out of control she has ever been once again I just sit back and dream of her fattening more and more.
Over a year ago I myself gained intentionally to just under 260 Lbs. up from around 215 Lbs. and the crazy thing is even though our heights and weights gave us some trouble during missionary primarily because of my new big gut she actually loved how my belly rubbed and put pressure on her clot constantly with every thrust having
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