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Default Fat porn during sex

My new ssbbw girlfriend is amazing. Never have I been able to be more myself and so open and honest with a partner. I have been with big girls, but most found it offensive when I touch them in a way that makes them feel like a "piece of meat" that's a fair call of course, but my new girl is huge, and their seems to be no limits to her openness, which makes me more in love with her each day! Because we spend some time apart for work I watch my usual fat porn on my computer. She told me last night she knew I looked at that This kind of porn and wanted to watch it with me! I brought out my stash and we fucked till incredible climax while watching other fat girls get fucked. I expressed concern at first, thinking she might feel embarrassed or jealous but not at all it was getting her off as much as it was me! She asked my to grab her fat like in the videos, and sit on me and ask if she was heavy. She is amazing, she has tought me there is no shame in being your self, and embracing your sexuality helped me come out of the closet after years of fear of regection. I am a very happy man these days, my family and friends have noticed how happy I am and are happy for me!
Satisfaction comes to those who are themselves
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