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biggirlluvher can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbiggirlluvher can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbiggirlluvher can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

As a boy, my uncle's ex-wife would be the prototype for what I considered attractive in a woman. I had my first experiences of arousal by looking at her. She was more voluptuous than any woman in my family or that I'd seen. I was keen enough to know she knew her effect on men and that some women were jealous of her being so well-endowed.

As a teen, I started paying attention to the more voluptuous girls in high school. In retrospect, one girl in particular in the grade below me was an exact replica for that aunt physically and even personality. Another in my grade was among the heaviest girls in the school and was a longtime crush. So much so that she was the model for what I would look for in bbw and the ssbbw, that she became, after her.

In my 20s, discovering this site, I learned that there were women even heavier than what I had been accustomed or thought and wanted to know more. It was amazing for me to learn that there were women that wanted to be even bigger than they already were. The pics and videos of Kelligrl, Betsy & Carolyn Owens eating quantities of food that I couldn't consume myself were unforgettable. All of those things were eroticized for me making anything related to a woman gaining, from evidence to even the slightest insinuation of weight gain, a turn on.

I recently posted on another thread about my desire to gain weight/muscle mass and not divulging to people my reasons why. I had learned in my 20s that I enjoy the feeling of a large woman's weight on my body very much but because I was so thin, I couldn't withstand it for very long. I already had a desire to gain weight so that was a powerful, motivating factor to be bigger & strong enough to enjoy the new source of sexual pleasure that I'd discovered.

As I've gotten older and bigger, my interest has veered towards heavier women as well. My last relationship was with a bbw that was smaller than my ideal. There aren't many women at least 300lbs+ in my part of town to meet. It's caused me to strongly consider relocating to better my dating options. I've intentionally reached my goal weight for the 2nd time in my life within the last 3 years. I'd be prepared to gain more if/when I'm in a relationship with a fellow gainer.
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