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I'm like what you've described. I don't have a personal Facebook to vent on, but it's pretty much what runs through my head 24/7, and I have vented on other forums about it.

I despise my appearance.
I felt a little comfortable a couple weeks ago, started subscribing to plus-size YouTubers, even bought some new clothes. But, I was coming home from college a couple weeks ago, and these three guys from my college were basically taking the mick out of me.

This isn't a new occurrence. I was bullied out of school due to my weight, and was hospitalised for my depression and social anxiety at 14.

It's fantastic that you're comfortable in your own skin, I admire that. But some of us have had different experiences to you, and that has shaped our perception of ourselves.

I've come to this forum for a confidence boost. I want to see bodies that look like mine. It's comforting to see the confidence other fat women embody. It will help me accept the body that I'm in, rather than being in a constant state of self-pity. I'm glad I found this forum.
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