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finallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfinallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfinallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I remember during naps I'd position pillows over the space between twin beds I moved so they were nearly together. I laid on those pillows, it was so nice. I don't recall thinking anything fat about it but I just loved it. My mother busted me once. I think I felt ashamed as though I knew that I was doing something naughty. I was about 5.

As I pubertized all sexual fantasy centered on the the plump girls around me. Tits were the big thing for the boys as the girls around us blossomed. For me, it was the tummies and bottoms that filled my thoughts. I was embarrassed by this so my gf's were thin. In my latter HS years, when actual sex began to materialize I sought only plump girls. Once I began to touch girls sexually it was clear that not only did fat girls fill my imagination, their fat was softer and softer was better so goodbye skinnies.

I entered the service after HS and it was then, being away from family and a small town, that I began my fat fat life. I became a fattener. I was attracted to plump- there was still some public shyness about real fat. But I knew that plump, when happy and well fed, becomes fat.

A procession of gf's grew fat for me over the years. I began to find very fat to be the ideal. True beauty waddles. My wife had a pleasing beginner waddle when we met. 20 years on and her waddle has become a heaving swell, a procession of fat. With a sloshing bounce in each step, her blown-out ass wiggles like a sack-full of puppies. Her arms are draped in ropes of shimmering fat as they swing in counterbalance with her gracefully heavy step.

Not only has my desire for fatness increased with time, a love for eating has accompanied all the feeding I've enjoyed. I was always slim- 6'2"/200-215 lbs. Until my wife. Now it's the eating as much as the increasing fat that I love with her. Fat- eating it and growing in it together, is our hobby.

The logical sequence of an FA from the surreptitious ogling of plumpening high-schoolers to mutual fattening with my fat-loving woman. It was inevitable that I grew fat too.

Fat begets fat. When fat turns you on there is only the hunger for more.
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