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voluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot pics


Very interesting fantasy of yours when you were younger. I have enjoyed reading many of your articulate posts in threads. You seem to have stronger will power than myself when it comes to weight gain on your wife. I can't seem to stop craving for my wife to get pretty darn Fat. She and others would consider her Fat now but I can't help but dream of 30,50 and even way more weight on her figure. I would be fine I guess if she stayed at the weight she is at now or maybe just a little more (wink) but I definitely dream of her getting way heavier. There have been times over the years where she went on a crazy diet and she slowly lost a good amount of weight and I felt like so many others on these boards...I almost felt betrayed ( I know it was wrong...but I did) also the sexual attraction and closeness totally slipped far away. She eventually gained a lot of the weight back and I have to tell you....I don't want to go through that again....I hope she keeps gaining. How are you able to stay so even with the weight gain fetish?
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