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Great hearing about your early interests in weight gain and chubbier/fatter girls. I was exactly the same and every relationship I had the girls usually gained weight which I was pretty open about letting them know I liked it and would even encourage them to gain more. Two of such girlfriends acted on it and really brought it into our relationship. I believe one of them turned into a feedee and actually gained sexual desire from it. My college girlfriend gained the most weight and happened to be the heaviest woman I still have ever been with. She turned into a little homemaker and after us living together for 6 months she blew fact we both did from all her carb loaded cooking and all her baked goods after every meal. I was so aroused just watching her fatten week to week that I was oblivious to my new belly that stuck out in front of me. When she called it to my attention by being sad one day after she had an annual doctors check up she told me how he scolded her for gaining so much weight. She then asked if we should go on a diet. I said "we" and she said "yes, I feel bad that I have made us this Fat with all my cooking" I was kind of in shock but then totally aroused....she said "honey, you didn't even realize you got big" I stood there as she patted my belly and said "awe, I think it is cute" She then was relived to know that I liked how big she had gotten even though she knew I liked her bigger but she thought she was now to big for me. I told her that I would like her to gain even more weight and she said "Ok but I don't want you getting to much bigger". It began a mutual gaining relationship with teasing & weight gain talk all the time, not to mention we were both continued eating even more of her fattening meals and deserts. We now had huge appetites and couldn't change even if we wanted to. She was a taller woman than my wife or most used to date at 5' 8" and she weighed more than I did which was so exciting.
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