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Originally Posted by finallyfat View Post
Geez, your wife must be quite something for you to have passed up on the mutual feedee you described above. Whatever happened to her? Do you know? But for the height she could be the flabby dream I'm married to today!

Just spoke to the wife this morning. Mid-morning. She told me she'd just polished off a giant mixing bowl of pasta and clam sauce, her favorite (ugh). A nice way to begin her day having had no breakfast earlier. She's bored and lazy today while I'm away so a fat-stuffed nap will carry her through mid-day when she'll awaken hungry. The afternoon/dinner/evening food spree begins then. She'll eat so much fatty, buttery creamy food through the rest of her day. She eats till she can barely move. I love knowing she's being such a lovely glutton while I'm away.

I too am eating for effect. Put on some work pants I haven't worn in a month, I had to squirm and pack my fat in like I was a YouTube fatty modeling outgrown clothes. She really blew me up last month at home!

We're so lost in our fat. Growing fatter apart makes homecomings so erotic. She will squeal with delight over my hip rolls and blubbery ass. I'll stand in the doorway and wiggle my shoulders a little so she can see my new fat dance. She will shimmy her hips in delight. We'll kiss and feel our fat while we absorb each other and fat talk ourselves into sitting down with some of the foods I always bring her from the big city. We're fat pigs together. We eat, smile and kiss between and amidst the mouthfulls.

We are no longer the fat woman with a slim husband. We're the fat couple. Imagine what people are saying!

Well my late college sweetheart you are talking about was very insecure and had many issues. That didn't stop me from loving her but they definitely always effected our relationship. She was a beautiful Fat dream girl....but on many occasions she would accuse me of cheating any time I was away from her at a work function for the evening dinner and drinks. where girlfriends or spouses were not permitted to attend. I would constantly help to make her feel secure....I mean here is this beautiful fattening woman that I was in love with that kept gaining weight and looking hotter and hotter to me with every pound but then accusing me of liking a skinny woman at my job.....she was a tad bit unrealistic and a little crazy for lack of a better word.

A friend of mine would see her from time to time and after many years I know she has had either 3 or maybe 4 kids and is very big. She had a lot of issues with fluid retention in her ankles and legs and he even commented her legs are like elephant legs. I love Fat but I don't happen to be a huge fan of that but anyhow there you have it.

Yes my wife is very hot and the complete opposite of being insecure a great Mother and wife. I do wish for her to lose a bit of control and get really Fat though.
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