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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
Volupuouslover, simply, she doesn't have a fat fetish. She has a huge appetite, loves food, and both her parents were quite fat, so for sure she could easily be bigger, but she draws there line at a certain point of fatness. And she is not particularly a fan of fat guys, so I try to reign in my own desires. I compromise at enough fat on both of us to excite me, and enjoy to up ticks in the gradual up / down cycles.

Makes sense....It least she is pretty darn Fat and you get to enjoy that with secret arousal not bringing to much attention to your desire.

I guess I do the same a bit....while watching my wife eat and start to get a bigger appetite, catch her sneaking extra snacks eating them in the pantry when I happen to walk in cramming them in her mouth quickly leaving her with stuffed chip monk cheeks as she walks out and waiting to see when all the extra calories will show up on her figure. Most of the time I have kept everything very tame with any discussion or to much admiration toward her weight gain because I seemed to over do it many many years ago.....she even mentioned many years ago after she gained a bunch of weight and I was admiring her and talking to much about how sexy she was...when she said in a flustered way "It is so strange how you think I am so sexy right now when I am clearly so Fat" my reply was "you are so Beautiful" she said "you are so weird". I kind of stopped paying to many compliments after she gained weight after that.....I mostly just to show her more affection not really concentrating just on her fattened body parts or really talking about her figure. The only time that Fat or weight gain talk is brought up is if she initiates it. She will from time to time do something like go to get off the couch and reach her hand out and say "honey, will you help your big Fat wife up" I tread lightly not to engage to much. Sometimes I can tell she is trying to turn me on and it is cute but she definitely knows how to do it......but like I said I have grown to just watch her eat more fattening things or her appetite increase and dream of when she might get more out of control with her eating and just keep fattening up and waiting to hear her say the words "Babe, I give up I am just going to eat every I want and become your huge Fat wife.....can you feed me please...and make me huge"
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