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Default How to set up a low-cost, over-9000-calories-per-day fat diet while living in Canada?

How to set up a low-expensive, over-9000-calories-per-day Canadian-fashioned fattening diet at Mtl??

Sincerely, I should admit I've got kinda dissapointed to realize how there be pretty difficult to set up as "feeder" , in a nevertheless metropolitan city famous for its multiculturally dense foodie culture like Montreal, an average-class greasing diet which offsets a daily caloric intake capable to get north over the 3-4000 calories per day.

Especially, when you just fixed as mutual goal within your dearest opposite-sex pal, recently boosted out again from one's umpteenth short-term pessimistic-oriented mindset periods about her weight gain issue while desire wholeheartedly turning her sometimes-not-so-thin-anymore-sometimes-unexpectedly-slowdown-south-to-the-size-chart-again self into a wishfully obese one, to make overdriving her somewhat still-overly high metabolism of hers by quadrupling casually her already, equally overindulgent caloric intake... either according mere mental calculation based on x and y points, a forward-looking, likely-pionnering-to-Canadian-standards, over-9000 cal/day!

An easy way perhaps in some countries like USA where beachball-sized burgers exists at an low cost above all in any street corner and where even the littiest sauce-seasoned salad purchased into a fast food resto may bending any average vegan denizen into the double-chairing-blimp lane in a matter of months [to every member from American citizenship here, I beg to y'all by advance your pardon for these clichés] ... but not in a country where high-quality wines, cheese culture, poutines, queues-de-castor, salt, heads of State granted by humorous surnames and the CH team pathetically defeated year-after-year are factually the only single things here which surrounds in an utterly manner overall our both belts and daily lives.

And just in case you recommand me the famous heavy cream diet... every content of this sort can't overreach the 500ml legal barrer, so I must probably purchase on the Web 10-15 gallons biweekly via States-or-France web import aaaaaaaa-nd it looks too-much expensive on a monthly basis according few glances and a quick assessment. I can still purchase thirty 500ml local cans in the same pace here buuuut!... still kinda expensive in an monthly basis too.

Sooo... every single idea or experience detail might be helpfully welcomed on this thread, people.

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