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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
This is a great topic.

I myself indirectly have heard many of these stories through my wife....mostly years ago. She had a group of friends at that age where all of them were getting pregnant & having kids. All of them hung out and still did as the kids got older. We even hung out in big couples groups.
I'm at an age where all of the girls around me are starting to get boyfriends. I started to delude myself into believing that no man would want to be in a relationship with me because of my weight.
Boy, was I wrong! Haha.
My wife happened to be the heaviest one at the time along with another of the women....and she would tell me about several of the thinner women complaining that they were to Fat. The crazy thing was when my wife would tell me the stories it made me feel bad for her to have to sit there and listen to these women all joining in conversation how they all still needed to lose weight and how my wife must have felt. I asked my wife if she ever commented during these times and she said "no way, the funny thing was is they were just trying to draw compliments or for the others to reassure them how thin they are.
Oh, yeah. It's super awkward when you're around thin girls complaning about being fat. It peaves me off when they're doing it in a superficial way, to fish for compliments.
"Oh, my God! No, you're so skinny/not that big. I wish I was your size!" That's what they want to hear from people. People who're actually concerned about their weight don't announce it in that way. I happily blank such people.
Also, it seemed that when we were all around as couples in group settings my wife played a slightly different role, she played up the fact that she was heavier by making comments or eating extra deserts just in a way that it was her role among these women. When my wife happened to lose weight these women were always complimenting here on and on.....and my wife even then joined in talks and conversation like "I am not there yet, I still am so Fat and have a way's to go".
Ooooh, lordy. My mum does that all the time, even with random acquaintances. It's very embarassing. She'll make stupid fat "jokes" about herself, then gets upset when the person chips in on it.
Sometimes she even chooses to put me down in the process.
We'll be talking to a person, they'll bring me up, then she'll tell them about her older daughter, and she'll mention that her eldest isn't "big like us two" referring to me and herself. It's like she sees me as an embarrssment, and my older slimmer sister as a badge of honour. It's very sad.
After we have broke from the pack if you will she has been way more comfortable with any weight she has gained and even recently doesn't seem to try to lose weight anymore and allows herself to eat as much as she wants not denying herself that luxury.
That's good to hear!
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