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voluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot picsvoluptuouslover does more than just post hot pics

[QUOTE=DiDiZia;2212588]I'm at an age where all of the girls around me are starting to get boyfriends. I started to delude myself into believing that no man would want to be in a relationship with me because of my weight.
Boy, was I wrong! Haha.

Loved your emojis!! That is wrong for sure. Before I was married I had two Beautiful girlfriends that both of which were a bit heavier than norm and the one in particular mentioned to me that she always used to get good looking guy's but she was so insecure not only about being Fat...she called it but insecure in other ways. I guess an ex boyfriend really laid into her when they broke up calling her Fat & other fat names (she said she did gain) but late teenage guys are pretty immature.

Oh, yeah. It's super awkward when you're around thin girls complaning about being fat. It peaves me off when they're doing it in a superficial way, to fish for compliments.
"Oh, my God! No, you're so skinny/not that big. I wish I was your size!" That's what they want to hear from people. People who're actually concerned about their weight don't announce it in that way. I happily blank such people.

Yea....thats what I kind of figure why draw attention like that....right.

Ooooh, lordy. My mum does that all the time, even with random acquaintances. It's very embarassing. She'll make stupid fat "jokes" about herself, then gets upset when the person chips in on it.
Sometimes she even chooses to put me down in the process.
We'll be talking to a person, they'll bring me up, then she'll tell them about her older daughter, and she'll mention that her eldest isn't "big like us two" referring to me and herself. It's like she sees me as an embarrssment, and my older slimmer sister as a badge of honour. It's very sad.

Your Mom probably doesn't realize it...or at least she doesn't know how it makes you feel. I know dumb of her,,,but that is usually the case...tell her next time.
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