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Originally Posted by DiDiZia View Post
A couple months ago, I went on a very stupid diet. I started only eating one meal, and exercising for a couple hours every day. The results? I 'relapsed', and begun eating the calorie rich foods I'd usually eat. My favourite 1 chocolate cake, crisps, lots of homemade BBQ wings, plenty of chips and breads (bloody carbs!), etc.
I managed to gain 1 and half stones (21 pounds) in what must've been 2-3 weeks.
Why did this happen? Well, you see, when you suddenly restrict you caloric intake, it 'shocks' your body into what those in the health/weight loss community call "starvation mode". Your body begins to lower its metabolism, and the food that you do eat will be stored away in your body as fat.
This is the primary reason why the majorty of people who lose weight gain it all back and more. Their calorie restriction is too extreme, so when they come off their diets and start eating normally, they gain all their weight back.
I'm now only lowering my caloric intake by about 100 or so calories, and am losing weight steadily at around 1-2lbs a week.

The point I'm trying to get across? Maybe you can try the "starvation mode" tactic, haha. I don't know how reliable it is, though. If you insist on trying, proceed with caution!

One tip on how I ballooned to over 300lbs:
Eating most of my food at night time. Ever heard of the 'don't eat after 7pm' rule? While everybody was tucked away in their beds, I was raiding the kitchen.
I already thought about propose to her eventually a first-month starvation diet but since I had none idea how this method could work I remained careful about it... until now.

Wow. It's really effcient. :o By mixing your advice with any newly information I went to collect from forum to forum, I'll might soon be able to draft a concrete fat diet plan program to hers.
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