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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
I always like going clothes shopping with my wife. Get to see her try on things that do and don't fit, get to encourage her to take some wardrobe chances, can bring her some stuff to try on that she really is not apt to buy but that I'll at least get to see her try on

And it doesn't hurt that I can look at some of the much larger sizes and think 'what if?' Also doesn't hurt that the (plus-sized) sales staff generally are really supportive of guys going shopping with their partners, and while it is a bit cheesy to get complimented for doing something that is my pleasure, it still feels good.
yea i do it quite a bit with my wife also, but after a decent size weight gain she can get a bit frustrated (even though arousing and exciting for me) it puts her in a bad mood when she cant squeeze into some of the things she tries on....and even at times comes out of the dressing room after trying on several pants and dresses and not even showing me. I then ask did you like anything....and she says nothing fits me
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