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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
If she didn't want people to appreciate her fatness, why would she draw attention to it?

Maybe it's because I can't hear the way she pronounces it, since it's all text and such, but to me, this sounds like she's paying you a mid-level compliment.

At least I know that's what it would mean, coming from my lips.
Haha. If only more people were like you, TwoSwords!
From her lips, though, it sounded more like a reassurance that my sis is slimmer.

Keep in mind the word slimmer. My sister isn't slim, she's just a few sizes smaller than I am. I can range from a UK size 20-24, whereas my sister is in the 16-18 bracket.

My sister used to be very big like me, but she lost weight when she was around 14, and very rapidly, actually. My mother said she found chewed up food in a bag in her bedroom.

But, back then, my sister was in the secondary school that I dropped out of, and if my experience was anything to go by, I assume she was bullied for her weight. So, it's understandable, I guess.
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