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I make a pretty long set of both researchs and calculations and, if this one-year diet I've planning past well, my friend would likely gain approximatively between 13 to circa 40-8lbs per month at a sedentary basis or circa 66-72 to 127lbs per month at a sedentary basis. Both without the 12k cal upgrade.

In others words, she can reach her ideal weight after two-to-seven months like she can merely outpace it after three weeks of no-stop binging, however the possibility to which she can gain until 127lbs monthly seem to me quite unrealistic. The only cases of massive weight progress among no-overweight women I read among F.A. forums is about an once thin feedee who managed to gain 80 pounds the first month she started to gorge herself then about some journalist who unexpectedly gained 53 pounds while Holidays because she spent the last two weeks to drink a lot of homemade goat's milk with her family.

If she prefer maintain the plan even after have peaking her wished poundage, she will probably weighing after twelve months between 287-to-293lbs min. same as she can peak also the 550s max. , at an active basis. Well...
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