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Originally Posted by ThatFatGirl View Post
That is fabulous. My husband has major lactose issues, even with those enzyme tablets, so for our occasional pastry needs or for birthdays cakes we would go to a local vegan bakery. I'm not lactose intolerant or even a vegetarian, but their stuff was better than anything I've tasted. It broke our hearts when they had to close. Since then, I've had some success with baking my own vegan cakes but we don't have a mixer, so it's pretty labor intensive. Between that and some carpal tunnel/arthritis in my hands, it has to be a really special occasion (almost never) for me to bake.
I feel you, my sister has migraines triggered by milk products. So I bake dessert whenever we have family gatherings. Oil-based cakes (no butter, just vegetable oil) are typically way easier to do without a mixer than butter-based cakes. And coconut milk is a great replacement for whole milk or half-and-half! (EDIT: An immersion blender makes short work of mixing up the coconut milk, it's kind of chunky right out of the can.) Coconut cream is a little harder to find but you can use it in place of heavy whipping cream. Finally, check out Jewish kosher cake recipes. They know how to do dairy-free baking very well.

A couple of my favorites:
(this one is also excellent with raspberry jam between the layers)

A food processor makes shredding the carrots and chopping the nuts easy peasy. I don't think you can do a traditional frosting without a mixer, not with carpal tunnel and arthritis, but you could bake it in a tube pan or Bundt pan and top it with a nice glaze. I bake many of my cakes that way because my mom and sister aren't big fans of frosting. If you ever do get a mixer I have a great vegan cooked flour frosting recipe!
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