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Hope you got over that. That must be hard. It reminds me of some dreams I've had. When I was having them I didn't think about it. But when I woke up I was disgusted. 99% of my dreams are ok or even good, if maybe random. But that's the real trouble with dreams, or even fantasies. It's not just randomness, it's the fact they're more uncontrolled. If I put a pencil down on my desk, I can walk away and be confident it'll remain there when I come back. If I drop it, I'm confident it'll fall at a consistent rate each time. And yet in a dream things don't work this way. Fantasy can be similar. We break rules in fantasy frequently. That's one of the joys of fantasy.

This is a uncomfortable topic. Because even as I'd like to discuss the darker side of dreams or fantasies, I also have no desire to be a dark person or to encourage it in someone who wants to be. I'm very adamant about that.
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