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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
I think there's a couple aspects to this. First, there aren't any real-world consequences to dark dreams, which makes it less harmful in an immediate sense. Secondly, in real life, physical objects restrict access to their incidental properties, which is one of the weaknesses of physical reality, though it is certainly possible to imagine a reality where that's not the case, and wouldn't involve breaking any rules.
Hmm not sure what you mean in your second comment. I mean broadly we break rules in fantasy because it's our playground. We defy gravity and everythijng happens the way we want it to happen, mostly. When I was growing up I always had fantasies of girls liking me or making a bully look dumb. It never happened so perfectly (or conveniently) in reality though.

People have imagined good things and bad things. There're no real consequences, unless you consider cults or religion fantasy? Or insane people might believe something in their imagination. In both instances their imagination or fantasy might influence their choices in the real world. Like whether to be friendly with someone. Another thing is you can say imagination has no consequences in the real world, but tell that to the people who're trying to censor violence (or sex) in movies or video games? If it's not real, why should they care?

Me for example. I've played violent video games. I've had some dreams with similar violence in them and then regretted after I woke up. There're several reasons it made me feel bad. I get mad in real llife, but those dreams weren't me.. If people knew all my dreams, would they be paranoid and try to "censor" me, just like they want to censor video games? Regardless of consequences of dremas or fantasy, people do get paranoid. Insecurity is always the excuse to lose freedoms and make the government bigger.

So fantasy or dreams might not directly affect reality, but insecurity, belief and insanity will.
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