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Originally Posted by Tracii View Post
What people that think this way don't realize that stuffing causes nausea,heartburn from hell,headaches,bowel irritation so doing it as this person is suggesting more than likely isn't going to work because who is going to do it that way every day?
Some try to be super scientific and say X amount of calories will net Y number of pounds gained and we all know thats not how it works.
John it seems you are a numbers junkie (accounting major maybe?) and you think everything in the world is run by numbers.
May I suggest that you yourself try this "diet" and see how well it works.
My guess you wouldn't make it thru the first day without saying boy this was a bad idea.
Every few years on fat sites I am on one person will come up with some grand fool proof diet to gain fantasy level weight gain.
First, there exist a few people who stuff themselves with a far much higher caloric intake.

Secondly, since the time I've posted this thread, I did my research and calculations, in sort to set up a diet contenting the less possible heavy food. Thing which has perfectly possible if you're familiar with Gainerism/Feederism (and I fear have a little doubt about it) .

Thirdly, I am indeedly picky in matter of numbers. What's the trouble with that?

Either, this is Gainerism/Feederism. Yea, it includes risks. It doesn't stop people who evolve into it to practise this lifestyle the same way athletes in boxe or extreme sports, people practising sadomasochism or people addicted to "miracle" WL programms. So if you find extreme stuffing dangerous, fine. But I beg to you my sincere apology by advance by just abovelining here that I and my friend don't really give a damn about that. She already practise extreme stuffing anyway.
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