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Originally Posted by biggirlluvher View Post
Outside of being a member of bbw/ssbbw/feeder/feedee groups and sites like this, I've never outright told anyone really close to me that I wanted to gain.

Neither he, my friends nor my family know that I'm inclined to get as heavy as 300lbs and have a waistline larger than 40". They also don't know that I seek a relationship with a woman that is very heavy or may even want to be heavier. I haven't been so forthcoming with people. Maybe I should do so to shut them up once and for all. However, it could open a line of debate that I'd almost rather not have. I think only if my back was against the wall so to speak would I state that I was gaining. I'd sooner express those gainer thoughts with one who I'm in a relationship with. I've been more forthcoming here than irl because it's one of the few places where the many aspects of weight gain is discussed and by people who understand/share the thoughts I do.
You've described me to a T.

I never was fat until about 5-6 years ago. I started a job in 2011 that took me from seamless gutters (climbing ladders and lifting heavy things) to standing around or sitting around for 8 hours or more a day. So, I went from 32-34" pants to wearing 38" with a belt since I cannot find 37 or stretchy 36". My problem is, I have to be somewhat agile to climb around machinery or just walk long distances carrying my tools. I also eat out a lot more because of the travel and not staying in one place for no more than 2 or 3 days.

Always liked the idea of being fat, at 230lbs and 5' 8", it doesn't feel like enough to really to "turn me on" though, I'm not pushing myself to lose weight because frankly, I can still do everything I want, home repairs, fixing my cars, and my job. I fear that if I do gain, I won't be able to do those things so easily. But, I would really like to try for 250 or even 300lbs some day.

There is one girl from high school that was fat then and hasn't made an effort to change now that we're both in the 26-27 year old range and I dated her once but never really pursued and she's not dating anyone at the moment. I'm quite tempted to rekindle things. We've spoken on and off in the past year and it's been friendly. But, I also love being single and living with just my dog. I also don't want to ruin a built up fantasy or share that I really like her for her and the plus is that she's fat. Don't think that would go over well.
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