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I never found myself the need to come out. Why? I don't exactly consider myself an FFA. At all. I just came to the realization that I can be attracted to bigger gentlemen too. Even when I told my family, it wasn't a huge revelation and all felt normal.

This may sound off-topic, but I'm not so much concerned with my physical preferences on what's attractive then I'm more concerned with me coming out being asexual. Yeah, I'm definitely busy dealing with that. And yes, it does have to do with a lot of my personal position in the FA community as a whole. I'm not looking at any relationships because I don't care about that right now, and I really don't consider fatness to be a fetish. I find it all very fascinating than arousing.

The point being... I'm only in the FA community because it's the hub where fat people are the focus and acceptable, and it doesn't need to get further than that. However, I think I feel a bit shunned for my... very unique position as an ace.
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