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Age: 33
Location: Orlando, FL
Gender: Female (mtf Transgender)
238 days on HRT as of 6/28/17
Orientation: Lesbian / Bi-Curious
Interests: Cooking, eating, travel, movies, video games, fantasy
More about yourself: Well, I spent 32 years of accidental masculinity before I could embrace the big beautiful woman I was inaide at least as much as I can get my arms around. In all seriousness, I knew coming out would come with sacrifices, but I did not think it would be the end of a 15 year relationship. Finally trying to get myself back out there. Been on the forum since 2011 but finally getting back into it as the real me, a fabulous feedee!

Picture(s) if any: See my profile!
Chubby Trans Girl looking for fun!
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