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Originally Posted by BigElectricKat View Post
I think I get it. When bathing someone, I am fully clothed, kneeling beside the tub with all of the tools of the trade (soap, sponges, loofas, shampoo, mittens, etc). And while the person being bathed is naked and the touching can become sexual, it's not so much the touching that is arousing.

Like you've said, it the "letting go" part and the participation part. The bathee must trust and let go of any fear, trepidation, self-esteem, or self-doubt issues. She/he is there, naked in the light (candle light if you prefer) and every flaw, fold, and blemish is on display. But in letting go of all this fear, while someone actually bathes your body but not TRYING to be sexual, can be very liberating. Every crack, crevice, and fold is open for display and being touched and gently cleaned.

For the bather, even though you may be touching areas that are sexual in nature, there is a primary and more satisfying payoff. The very first time you bathe someone there is, understandably, a great deal of tension. Watching and feeling the bathee let go of that tension and relaxing under the gentle touch of your hands while still performing this "service" is quite arousing in itself. So, I kinda get the gist of what you are saying about being a feeder.

Thanks for enlightening me!
It is the most incredibly erotic and sensual experience. It is kinda sad that so few will ever experience it.
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