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Originally Posted by Tracii View Post
My first foray into fatness was out of anger.
I caught my hubby having sex with a very large woman. I was devastated to say the least.He tried to lie his way out of it of course.
He was always saying how nasty fat women looked so you know the type.
I was so hurt I gave up on trying to look good for him.
Quit wearing make up, let my hair go and cut it very short which made him mad to say the least.
I gained weight thinking he must like fat women but he complained more.
I was a total wreck and gained even more weight and not taking care of my complexion my face broke out pretty bad.
I wore clothes that looked horrible out of spite and if we went out somewhere I tried to look the worst possible just to make him look bad.
Divorced finally lost weight skin cleared up I was finally happy I thought.
Worked out at the gym and got back down to 115 but found I wasn't happy and longed to gain weight.
Very sorry to hear that...but thanks for telling the story. This is really interesting on so many levels.

Crazy how he said he didn't like fat women and put them down. It doesn't make sense but no time to psycho analyze him or ones like him.

So initially you gained weight thinking he must like Fat women you said....How much did you gain at that time and how easy was it to gain? So before this you were not really interested in heavier guy's or being heavier yourself (fetish wise)? expand on this a bit if you don't mind.....I mean I understand trying to do something for your husband that you think he likes.....I would probably do the same under the circumstances?

So you mentioned you lost all the weight down to a crazy light weight and realized you longed to gain weight????? tell us more with this and your feelings toward Fat and weight moving forward.
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