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Originally Posted by John Smith View Post
As an African-descent person, be into fuller-figured ladies as a male is mostly inherent to my mindset in a cultural plane, so to be honest this is pretty hard to determine how and when I became aware to be attracted by what the society I evolve consider as "overweight"women where there my cultural set considers as "healthy" women by the same way it must be difficult to any man having grew up into a thin-centered society how and when he realize himself to be attracted by "fit" women.

I can't neither specify how and when I have realizing for the first time having an attraction even for fat women beyond the 400-lbs lane. Is it when I was, at nine years old in 2002, when I was for the first time surged by a precosious arousal towards that burlesque episode from the cartoon show [I]Totally Spies[I] where Clover tasted carelessly one of those overly addictive cookies granted by beyond-the-normal extra fattening proprieties, drowning thus into an out-of-control spiraling path of unceasable bothoverindulgence and snacking until spurting quickly in a matter of hours her once trim, athletic, statuesquely nubile self into a waddling, spherical, mordibly obese food junkee on the verge to underliningly-speaking reach immobility nay body burst at any moment? Was when during this same episode, the other main protagonists teasingly avenge their self-everfattening friend by forcing the episode villain to swallow her own medicine, inflating instantaneously into a trancefully-craving blimp?
Was one year later, when I realized at ten years old how aroused I'm getting when I watched those female participants from The Biggest Loser swaying ponderously, jiggling, eating furiously in secret their cheat meals then waddling again, for then be sadfully afflicted once they all shed from their massive selves many months later?
Was in 2005, when at 12-years old I fall onto this picture from an old edition from "The Book Of Guiness Records" dating back from 1995? : a very tall blonde supermodel qualified at this past time as the heaviest Plus Size model in the industry, striking back barefoot her over-660 lbs naked blubber of self while the little from that triplechin-spurting face of hers fixed to the eternity that wide, white smile between the doughy dimples of her cherubic cheeks. Was because I've never forgotten that estatic full-joyness into that sparkling facial expression, these cushioning pale-skinned necklaces coiling protudingly overall her both noexistent neck and collarbone, these deluges of tidal adipose overpadding every ounce of her seemingly-proud lookings, her cumbersome folded wings overwrapping her upper arms, her sausage paws, the littiest glimpse from her ginormous utters drooping further down alongside the upper part from her tire spares which staggered each other overall her both midriff and backside before to bulge out as an gargantuan apron belly over her nigh-vanishing knees, knees buried between these Michelin-mascot limbs brushing each other and her flared-out trunk calves, all carrying her beachball-sized, cottage cheese shelf rump... or was simply the fact I noticed she drove me crazy as much as that Cindy Crawford's busty picture next to her??

Was during my secondary school days, when I spent my time to observe people, whom amongst people the girls, then aongst girls the few teachers too much oversized to pass easily their humongously obese selves thourgh a threshold's door without either waddling sideways or take the double door entry? Was when I realized how much I wished that the young, full-bosomed pool lifeguard and few others teachers became as huge than them?


Thank John Smith
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