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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
Thanks for the insight into your early start with this fetish.....
Were you initially attracted to heavier guy's before you realized you liked yourself heavier as well? Has your interest in more and more weight increased over the years on men as well as yourself?
I like all different types of bodies, but yes, I did figure out that fat people are the nicest to hug and touch and cuddle before I accepted my own weight and gaining fantasies. Strangely enough losing a great deal of weight helped me realize that, because I started missing my fat once it was gone. Why is my chair suddenly so much harder? Why am I so much colder? Ow, it hurts a lot more to bang my hip into something! And I felt more vulnerable being so much smaller.

There's a freedom in eating whatever I want that's pleasurable in both an erotic and non-erotic way for me. For most of my life I ate as other people told me to. Eat this, don't eat that, you're eating too much. Now I eat as I please, and it's so liberating. I might choose to let a lover feed me, but that is my choice, and I know they'll stop if I tell them to. And if they want to be fed in return, that would be equally fun. I like watching someone eat when they're really enjoying it. Combining food, fat and sex breaks taboos in a delightfully naughty way.
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